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How to make a website in LOCATION: Training Course.

Claim your FREE website today, read below.

Learn how to make your own website in LOCATION:

Making your own website in LOCATION is VERY EASY.

You can claim your 2 FREE WEBSITES by following the steps mentioned below and we will guide you through the entire process.

There are two types of websites you can make:

1. A “wordpress blog” which typically ranks well in the search engines.

2. A professional quality website for a business service, affiliated product or basically any niche in LOCATION known to man-kind.

Below I will teach you how to create both.

I will teach you PROFESSIONALLY and at the end of your video training you will know EXACTLY how to create a website in LOCATION with ease.

How to make 2 types of websites in LOCATION.

1. How to make a wordpress website with free hosting and full training provided in LOCATION:

Okay, creating a wordpress (blog) website is actually a lot EASIER than you think.

I can literally have you “set-up” with in 48 hours from today.

All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below and you will receive 100% FREE VIDEO TRAINING on the entire method of creating and claiming your 2 free wordpress blogs.

Additionally, you will be joining a community of “like-minded” individuals, webmasters, ambassadors and premium members who are all creating their websites in LOCATION.

You can feel free to chat with any of these people at ANY TIME and they will normally respond to you with in 48 hours.

Here is the process of how to make a website in LOCATION (wordpress blogs):

  1. CLICK HERE TO JOIN WEALTHY AFFILIATE (this is where you will receive your 2 free wordpress websites and full video training of how to create them, edit them, to see them and send traffic to them).
  2. Once you are a member at “WA”, you will realize there are MILLIONS of other members who all want to see you succeed online and are more than happy to assist you in succeeding in LOCATION.

And that’s about it people, it’s really “THAT SIMPLE“,

If you want to learn how to make a wordpress blog (website) in LOCATION, follow the two steps mentioned above and I can guarantee you that you will succeed.

Just do a search online for “Wealthy Affiliate” and you will find hundreds of thousands of testimonials as to how professional their training is and how there are many rich webmasters in LOCATION who work there.

Just a word of advice though. I have had some complaints about some members not understanding how to create their wordpress blogs properly.

If this is the case for you, it is because you failed to fully study the training videos under the “training” tab (left middle) at WA.

So my advice to newer WA members would be to click the “Training” tab (left middle) then study the “beginner training video courses” which are 100% FREE and fully detail how to claim and create your 2 free wordpress blog websites (correct they are 100% free for life).

That is the end of my training of how to create your 2 free wordpress blog websites in LOCATION.

Next we will move on to teaching you how to create a professional quality website (for a fraction of the cost).

2. How to make a professional quality website (in any niche) with “100% free video training” provided in LOCATION:

Okay, today is a wonderful day for you because you have come across my website and are now going to learn how to create a PROFESSIONAL QUALITY premium website (from the ground up) with a full “NEWBIE FRIENDLY” 2-hour-long video training course which I created for you.

You will have to excuse the “POOR AUDIO QUALITY” as something went wrong while recording the video.

The video is a 2-HOUR-LONG VIDEO which fully details how to create, edit, upload and complete a premium quality website in around 2 hours.

Follow the steps below to learn how to make a website in LOCATION that is of a higher quality than most other websites:

  1. Go to this web address and watch my 2-HOUR-LONG VIDEO that I created for you (turn up the volume as the audio quality sucks).
  2. Implement the 2-hour-long video’s instructions and purchase your first professional quality website in LOCATION.
  3. Edit your website according to how I taught you in the 2-hour-long video.
  4. Upload your website according to how I taught you in the 2 hours long video.
  5. View your website online by typing in your website domain name (example: in to your website browser’s address bar (and hitting the “ENTER” key).
  6. Presto, you should now see your website in LOCATION all over the internet, CONGRATULATIONS!

And that’s about it guys, the 2-HOUR-LONG VIDEO fully details the procedure involved, make sure you have watched this video (for LOCATION) before moving on.

Basically you can apply the technique to make your website (in the 2-hour-long video) to literally any sort or “kind” of website you want to make in LOCATION.

Simply select your “NICHE” (or type of website that you want, your website “THEME“).

Then create the website as per the 2-hour-long video’s instructions.

Be advised that I teach you how to create “STATIC HTML” websites for LOCATION.

This ensures your website/s won’t be getting “HACKED” any-time soon because they are “HIGHLY SECURE” and almost “100% UN-HACKABLE” once they are “STATIC HTML” (refer to the video to understand about “static html”).

3. CONCLUSION: “I have taught you how to make a website in LOCATION with two different methods so far”.

If you want to learn more methods about how to create a website in LOCATION and perhaps some sneaky methods of how to earn good cash online, then you should definitely opt-in to my (FREE) email list training course.

About this course:

“Basically I teach you how to create more money in LOCATION by emailing you a set of tasks each week or month (depending on your progress).

After being on my training email list, members have reported huge earnings and it is well worthwhile for you to join from LOCATION”.


Author Name: David Kellas (I am General “AskiKa” of the Global Governing Body Of Professional Webmasters Association).

“I am a 20+ year career professional webmaster, website developer and multiple business owner (CEO), so you are in GOOD HANDS.

When I tell you I will teach you how to earn money online, I actually MEAN IT!”

You can join my email training course by filling out your information on this website (in the top-right “email opt-in form”)

Type in your “name and email address” then click on “SIGN UP NOW” (top-right “submission form” on this web-page).

You will then have to check your “SPAM” mailbox and your inbox for the confirmation message and confirm you want to receive email from ““.

(we have been getting reports that some of our emails have been going to “SPAM” in LOCATION, it is NOT SPAM).

And that’s about it friends.

Post any questions you may have below and let’s get cracking!

Time to make your websites in LOCATION and retire rich, right?

This concludes our lesson on:

“How to make a website in LOCATION”.

To continue, your next step to success in LOCATION is;

If you have not already done-so, please join my free webmaster training forums HERE.

Then view this instructions thread once you have logged-in.


David Kellas (General AskiKa).

David Kellas

My name is David Kellas. I have been a professional "money earning" webmaster for the last 20+ years. My speciality is making websites for business services and advertising those services to generate in-bound phone leads for clients. I make a lot of money on the internet and thanks to "Wealthy Affiliate" I am also a professional affiliate marketer with a premium membership. My hobbies include Martial Arts, Swimming, Mountain-Bike riding, Tennis and playing Games online. I am an avid "League Of Legends" gamer. I used to work as a chef and a TV Repair Technician and Tele-Marketer before quitting my day jobs and working full time online thanks to "Wealthy Affiliate". I am VERY pleased with my current lifestyle and hope it never fades away. With the help of "Wealthy Affiliate" my lifestyle is guaranteed to be one of "WORTH". Cheers.

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