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Free ways to make money fast online are very hard to come by. Luckily today you have found me. A career 20+ year professional webmaster.

Hello everyone, my name is David Kellas. I live in Victoria, Australia which is toward the bottom right of Australia. In my time as a professional webmaster I have been a super affiliate. I have “flipped” (sold) websites for a living, I have marketed websites organically (for free) to rank in the search engines and make money from and I have developed several business based websites and earnt money through outsourcing work to “service agents” (plumbers, electricians, etc) on the ground.

I am also a professional bing ads, yahoo, Google Adwords and Facebook marketing guru with 20+ years experience in PPC/SEM (Pay Per Click & Search Engine Marketing).

Today I am going to teach you free ways to make money fast online read on.

How to make money fast online.

There are many free ways to make money fast online. You just have to have enough time to implement these methods and “go with the flow” until you start earning some good money. You then want to quickly transition in to “paid marketing” online and this will boost your profits exponentially.

  • Some methods of earning good money online include joining free website hosts such as wealthy affiliate and hosting free websites with them, you can then develop quality content on your websites that ranks in the search engines and makes you money. Normally you would monetize your website through “affiliation” which is also taught at “Wealthy Affiliate”.
  • Another method is to do “website evaluations”, most of these services are free to join and pay you around $10 USD per 10 to 20 minutes of your time. Basically you elaborate on websites that they send you to and tell them what you do and do not like about those websites. It’s really easy work and if you do three website evaluations per hour that’s a cool “mid-range” wage of $30 USD per hour. You will need a microphone connected to your personal computer to engage in website evaluations.
  • Another method to make money for free is called “twitter and Facebook sniping”, basically you program some “code” in to google and google automatically tells you if people are looking to “hire services”. You then phone companies (you will need a business number for this) and ask these services if they can service those jobs. Once you find a service, contact the potential customer via Facebook or twitter and inform them you have found someone willing to do the work. The company will pay you an agreed percentage of the profits after they complete the job. You will need to set-up a standard sub-contract agreement to give to potential businesses to legalize this method.
  • Another method to make money fast online is by using services such as “traffup”, traffup allows you to engage in interacting with the website and in exchange you receive real human visitors to your website. Instead of putting in your own website (even if you don’t have one), you can sign-up to services such as “clickbank” and grab “affiliate hop links” that pay you money every time someone clicks them and buys a product. Insert your “hop link” in to traffup as your “website” and watch the money flow in.
  • Another method that actually costs money is VERY PROFITABLE. I have included it here because it is VERY CHEAP to get started. You can buy domain names for as little as $1 and resell them on “flippa” for $50+ a pop. Literally every domain sold on flippa goes for a minimum of $50 USD. Buy domain names that “make sense” and domains with as little characters as possible, the shorter the domain name, the better.
  • More free ways to make money fast online include “grey hat and black hat” methods but I will not be going in to them on this blog as they are either “questionable or illegal” and I refuse to teach you to do things that can get you i to trouble.
  • Another free method to make money online which is not so fast is to stream video games and play them all day long. Websites such as “Twitch TV” have literally MILLIONS of viewers online at the same time and if you stream for long enough you’re bound to get some followers.

I have set-up some training videos to teach you most of the methods listed above, these videos form my “professional webmaster video training course” as listed below. The training course is 100% free to join and never costs you a penny. You can join this course here:


Paid methods to earn money online with a low price point.

Ever wanted to develop your own company? Well it may be cheaper than you first though, try this on for size:

  1. Buy a business number, $400.
  2. Buy a website domain and hosting $36.
  3. Buy a security certificate for your website, $19.
  4. Buy a professional website template, $100.
  5. Advertise your website for the first week, $200.
  6. Design a sub-contractual agreement to outsource work to companies legally, “FREE“, track one down online, copy it, then edit it, ensure it is 100% unique and re-written, do not copy and paste.

So as you can see, it is actually relatively cheap to set up a business service website such as plumbing, antenna repair, glass repair, lawyers, lawn mowing, landscaping, etc.

All you need to do is:

  • Create the website.
  • Advertise and acquire leads to your website.
  • Get them to call a phone number (yours) to acquire customer information.
  • Call your service agents, give them the information (Name, phone number, area, details of issue).
  • Your service agent will call the customer back, quote them and go out and do the job.
  • Your service agent will then pay you around 35%+ of the actual profits after the job is paid by the customer.

It’s really that simple guys, you can literally get started for under $800.

I can literally turn $800 in to $25,000 per year for the first year and $50,000 to $500,000+ in the second year and beyond.

Would you spend eight hundred dollars to generate over $500,000 per year in the second year? DAMN SURE I WOULD!

If you are interested in making ACTUAL HUGE INCOME ONLINE then you really need to sign-up to my training course below and focus on “TASK 2” which directs you to watch 12 hours worth of video training. This training has the capacity to CHANGE YOUR LIFE if you take the time to study it properly and TAKE IT SERIOUSLY (which is something that most new webmasters fail to do).

Enough talk, sign-up already and let’s get the “BALL ROLLING“.


Using WordPress or Joomla to generate income online.

Free ways to make money online fast with Joomla and WordPress include finding low competition, high traffic keywords to advertise to on the search engines for free. We primarily focus on Google because Google has 85% of the search engine market share, meaning 85% or almost all of the search traffic originates from Google.

I will go one step further and tell you that if you join my professional webmaster video training course (below). In “TASK 3” I will teach you how to become a super affiliate with WordPress websites and you will gain the ability to qualify for 2 free WordPress websites for life as a starter member of one of the companies mentioned in task 3.

I also teach you professionally (in “TASK 3“) how to organically (or “for free”) rank in the search engines for little known “GOLDEN” keywords that provide high traffic for little effort.

In total there are several tasks and the training course lasts for several months. Everything is provided for free however once you start earning money through my methods (that are already proven working by hundreds of previous apprentices) I request that you donate 5% for life to me. That’s $5 for every $100 you make, you pocket $95 and donate $5 to me each time. A fair trade off for the professional training I am providing for you.

If you’re game to jump right into the training, know that “TASK 1” will have you earning $50+ p[er week with in 3 weeks from today. I spread the training out over multiple weeks as not to overload you with information, you’ll be lucky if you receive 1 email from me every week, so I DO NOT SPAM you at all.


Other methods to make money online for free:

Surfing webmaster training forums can be highly beneficial in your progression to elevating yourself to earn considerable revenue online.

during my professional webmaster training course I fully detail several websites you should be a part of in order to make money online. Ranging from “freelance” websites where you can sell yourself on a daily basis to generate thousands of dollars online (for free by the way) to webmaster forums that you passively earn money online by gaining beneficial webmaster knowledge which ultimately has you earning more income online.

I would highly recommend that you join my webmaster training course and let’s stop wasting time here, I’ve dropped the link several time already and by now it’s getting “OLD“. So join up already and experience financial freedom just like I’ve taught the several hundred before you.



If you sign-up to my professional webmaster training course your success is virtually guaranteed. No-one will ever teach you as comprehensively or professionally as I can. Please remember that I have over twenty years of experience as a professional (MONEY EARNNG) webmaster on the internet and you are in “NO BETTER HANDS” than that of my own.

Consider me your GOD and you my DISCIPLE shall learn underneath me and become a more fruitful, richer, more well-groomed version two point zero of me. You shall make double the money that I ever could because you are two times smarter than I am and you will donate that glorious 5% to me for life as my pal, my buddy, my soul mate, my wine to thy whiskey, my oar to thy boat, my supple to thy teet, my knife to thy carving and so forth, etcetera, etcetera.

As always, if you guys have any questions or have a need to comment on this article please feel free to submit your requests below.

Also, please feel free to social media market my website with the social media buttons listed below, as always, thanks for your time.

Without Prejudice,

David Kellas.

David Kellas

My name is David Kellas. I have been a professional "money earning" webmaster for the last 20+ years. My speciality is making websites for business services and advertising those services to generate in-bound phone leads for clients. I make a lot of money on the internet and thanks to "Wealthy Affiliate" I am also a professional affiliate marketer with a premium membership. My hobbies include Martial Arts, Swimming, Mountain-Bike riding, Tennis and playing Games online. I am an avid "League Of Legends" gamer. I used to work as a chef and a TV Repair Technician and Tele-Marketer before quitting my day jobs and working full time online thanks to "Wealthy Affiliate". I am VERY pleased with my current lifestyle and hope it never fades away. With the help of "Wealthy Affiliate" my lifestyle is guaranteed to be one of "WORTH". Cheers.

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