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Earn Money Home Online – How to Make A Website.

How to make a website online and earn money from home.

There are many different types of websites that you can create to earn money home online. The best types of websites are by far joomla, static HTML and WordPress as these all tend to get ranked highly in the search engines.

The static HTML websites are the most secure online with Joomla and WordPress coming in a distant second.

It is very easy to create a website online and literally only takes you 30 minutes to set up. In fact I am going to be teaching you how to claim two free WordPress blogs for life.

Claiming your two 100% FREE WordPress Blogs.

You can claim your two free WordPress blogs and full (free) video training on how to create them and set them up by signing up to my free webmaster video training course.

In the first email that I send you, there will be a link to sign-up to “Wealthy Affiliate”. Sign-up then complete your profile biography, upload an image of yourself and quote some answers to goals you have online.

After that click on “websites tab” (left middle), then click on “Site Manager”, then click “host on a free domain name”.

You can host up to two websites for free, they both have to be WordPress. However, I highly recommend you click on the “training” tab first and watch their training videos which will guide you through the entire process of setting up your two free WordPress blogs.

To sign-up to wealthy affiliate, click the link below and you will receive “TASK 1” in the mail which will also have a link to join Wealthy Affiliate at the start of the email.


Designing content for your two free WordPress Blogs

Once you have joined Wealthy Affiliate (we will call it “WA” from now on) you can click the far left “Research tab”.

On this research tab is the Jaaxy client, which is a professional “best of breed” keyword tool for finding high traffic & low competition keywords. Don’t worry Jaaxy is fully covered in the free video training at WA.

Once you hunt down some juicy keywords, add some “spice” and “flair” to your blog post articles by attempting to make your readership engage in your content. Try to always remember that your followers will only read your articles if they are relevant to the title of the content and what the end-user is seeking.

You have to somehow “resonate” with your readership. The people coming to your website do not want to get bored out of their brains. Try to make your content interesting enough to capture your audiences attention for long enough to have them finish your article and engage in your “call to action”.

What is a call to action?

When you earn money home online you want to tell your readers to do something specific at the end of your articles. This may be as easy as clicking a link or opting in to an email list.

An easy way to create a call to action is by joining an affiliate program such as “Amazon Associates” and write product reviews all day long. Then at the end of your articles you can have a call to action which is your amazon associates affiliate link for that particular item.

An affiliate link is a normal link (that you click on) designed by affiliate programs to track the sales that you make for their product. Whenever an item sells you get a percentage of the revenue.

For example my call to action on this web-page looks like this:


By joining my professional webmaster training course I am providing a service to the novice webmaster community by professionally training them how to make money online from home.

As you can see my call to action is very attractive for people not yet making money online (which is literally everyone). Go ahead, click the link above and join my professional webmaster training course, it will only do you good.

Do it now, then continue after you have signed up.

Creating static HTML websites and pages.

By far, the most highly secure websites online are static HTML web pages. Static HTML websites do not have any “moving parts” therefore they are literally “built in brick and mortar” and VERY HARD TO HACK.

Why is this important?

Well, because you do not want to be constantly worrying about your site being hacked, month after month, day after day, year after year. It just gets annoying. Plus there is all the time you waste working out how to reverse hacks that ruin your site and the time you waste implementing those rectifications can amount to a lot of time wasted for no good reason.

This is why commonly business service websites are all creating in “static HTML coding”.

Inside my webmaster training course, I feature I think “TASK 2” which teaches you how to create your first website. It is a two-hour-long video and features training focused on static HTML only.

If you want to watch this video or jump on my webmaster training list, then click the link below.


Creating a Joomla (CMS) website, full training.

I created a “Joomla CMS” (Content Management System) website training video that teaches you how to create your first Joomla based website.

There are two videos totaling five hours worth of free training.

In video one I teach you about the back-end and the front-end of a Joomla website and how to install extensions.

In video two I focus more on professionally teaching you how to track down and target high traffic, low competition keywords for your content.

Joomla is a magnificent cms, basically you can install almost anything on your website for free.

  • Video conferencing.
  • sms alerts.
  • community builders for new members
  • shoutboxes
  • forums
  • blogs
  • photo galleries
  • contact forms
  • video repositories
  • and so much more.

A Joomla website in simple terms means “having nearly every website known to man-kind under the one roof“.

Furthermore, if you dis-allow user registration on your website, then your Joomla installation is pretty much 100% secure as well. Just know that the more extensions you install to your Joomla installation, the more vulnerabilities you are exposing for hackers to exploit.

If you want to watch that five hours worth of Joomla training, join the link below and wait for “TASK 5” which will come in around 2 months of signing up.


My conclusion on earning money home online:

There are literally thousands of ways to earn money from home online through the internet, luckily for you, all the best methods are listed in my free webmaster training course that you should have already signed up to by now.

To make money online is to elevate oneself in to a “GOD-LIKE SUPREME BEING OF IMPENDING SUCCESS AND WISDOM“.

A professional webmaster is someone who has fully studied their niche/s and is now an expert on that part of society.

Having real-life human beings come to your website and engage in your relevant content sets you apart from other individuals. You are in a sense “herding your sheep” and teaching them to do whatever you want (the humans visiting your website being the “sheep” and you being the “WOLF“).

The beauty of owning a website portfolio is that once you set-up your web presence. If you set up your websites correctly, everything is fully automated and never needs to be attended to or “worked on” by yourself ever again.

Once a website starts earning money online, you never have to work on it from home again. You can literally leave that website, working for you online 24/7 and generating income while you sleep, while you eat and while you work your day job/s.

After a few years if you work hard at it, you will be able to quit your day job/s and retire off the income your website/s are earning for you.

That is why I favor earning money home online more than anything else in this wonderful world.

This is what I do for a living and I have been doing it for 20+ years.

If you want to follow my path and retire from your day job, then sign-up with the link below and let’s get you started.



As always, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below. Also, please share the “LOVE” and click a few social media buttons for me, cheers.



David Kellas

My name is David Kellas. I have been a professional "money earning" webmaster for the last 20+ years. My speciality is making websites for business services and advertising those services to generate in-bound phone leads for clients. I make a lot of money on the internet and thanks to "Wealthy Affiliate" I am also a professional affiliate marketer with a premium membership. My hobbies include Martial Arts, Swimming, Mountain-Bike riding, Tennis and playing Games online. I am an avid "League Of Legends" gamer. I used to work as a chef and a TV Repair Technician and Tele-Marketer before quitting my day jobs and working full time online thanks to "Wealthy Affiliate". I am VERY pleased with my current lifestyle and hope it never fades away. With the help of "Wealthy Affiliate" my lifestyle is guaranteed to be one of "WORTH". Cheers.

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