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Month: January 2019

Fast Make Money Online Way (Click Here).

If you are looking for ways to make money fast online, then you are in luck.

Today I am going to teach you fast ways to make money online. It is basically a training course with several tasks that you complete each week. Each task earns you more revenue online.

Task 1 for example will have you earning $50+ per week after 3 weeks from today and is 100% free to start up. No need to put your hard-earned cash in, it’s free.


The professional webmaster training course was designed by “David Kellas” (Myself). It features several tasks to teach you how to make money online fast.

After you sign-up to the professional webmaster training course you will need to check your spam inbox to make sure our emails have not been sent to spam and mark them as “not spam”.

The professional webmaster training course is 100% free to sign-up to and features over 30+ hours of professional video training from myself.

About David Kellas (General AskiKa):

Hello, I am a career 20+ year professional webmaster and the professional webmaster training course that I have developed for you guys is 100% free and it is basically a “blueprint” of exactly what I do on a daily basis to make my money online.

By engaging in the professional webmaster training course you acquire my 20+ years of experience through easy to follow and understand training videos (provided for free).

The training videos are 100% newbie friendly and will have you earning money online in no time.

A little more about me… Hmm… Let’s see?

Well I am a multiple company owner and company director of those companies. I run an seo agency, a plumbing company, an antenna repair company and a landscaping agency.

I am also a super affiliate with wordpress websites and this is how I double my income online. If you are interested in making hundreds of thousands of dollars online per year then you should take “TASK 3” very seriously in the professional webmaster training course that I provide.

What is on offer?

This is what you get for the professional webmaster training course:


  11. TASK 8: Build your idea into a Million Dollars.

So as you can see if you want a fast make money online way, you will find it in this training course.

Once again, the course is 100% free and will have you earning money online by week 3 if you follow task 1 correctly.

How do I sign up?

Well you can take some time to fill out the form below and I will look over your application (or one of my staff will) and normally we will approve you with in minutes.

When you receive “TASK 1” it means you have been approved.

You can register for professional webmaster training here:



If you are serious about earning fast ways to make money online then you can’t go past my free professional webmaster training course.

I firmly believe you will succeed with my course and I congratulate you on taking the first step to a bigger and brighter future.

As always, if you have any comments or need to ask me a question, leave it in the field below. Also, please “share the love” and click some social media buttons below to help spread the word of this opportunity to your network of social buddies.


David Kellas.

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Earn Money Home Online – How to Make A Website.

How to make a website online and earn money from home.

There are many different types of websites that you can create to earn money home online. The best types of websites are by far joomla, static HTML and WordPress as these all tend to get ranked highly in the search engines.

The static HTML websites are the most secure online with Joomla and WordPress coming in a distant second.

It is very easy to create a website online and literally only takes you 30 minutes to set up. In fact I am going to be teaching you how to claim two free WordPress blogs for life.

Claiming your two 100% FREE WordPress Blogs.

You can claim your two free WordPress blogs and full (free) video training on how to create them and set them up by signing up to my free webmaster video training course.

In the first email that I send you, there will be a link to sign-up to “Wealthy Affiliate”. Sign-up then complete your profile biography, upload an image of yourself and quote some answers to goals you have online.

After that click on “websites tab” (left middle), then click on “Site Manager”, then click “host on a free domain name”.

You can host up to two websites for free, they both have to be WordPress. However, I highly recommend you click on the “training” tab first and watch their training videos which will guide you through the entire process of setting up your two free WordPress blogs.

To sign-up to wealthy affiliate, click the link below and you will receive “TASK 1” in the mail which will also have a link to join Wealthy Affiliate at the start of the email.


Designing content for your two free WordPress Blogs

Once you have joined Wealthy Affiliate (we will call it “WA” from now on) you can click the far left “Research tab”.

On this research tab is the Jaaxy client, which is a professional “best of breed” keyword tool for finding high traffic & low competition keywords. Don’t worry Jaaxy is fully covered in the free video training at WA.

Once you hunt down some juicy keywords, add some “spice” and “flair” to your blog post articles by attempting to make your readership engage in your content. Try to always remember that your followers will only read your articles if they are relevant to the title of the content and what the end-user is seeking.

You have to somehow “resonate” with your readership. The people coming to your website do not want to get bored out of their brains. Try to make your content interesting enough to capture your audiences attention for long enough to have them finish your article and engage in your “call to action”.

What is a call to action?

When you earn money home online you want to tell your readers to do something specific at the end of your articles. This may be as easy as clicking a link or opting in to an email list.

An easy way to create a call to action is by joining an affiliate program such as “Amazon Associates” and write product reviews all day long. Then at the end of your articles you can have a call to action which is your amazon associates affiliate link for that particular item.

An affiliate link is a normal link (that you click on) designed by affiliate programs to track the sales that you make for their product. Whenever an item sells you get a percentage of the revenue.

For example my call to action on this web-page looks like this:


By joining my professional webmaster training course I am providing a service to the novice webmaster community by professionally training them how to make money online from home.

As you can see my call to action is very attractive for people not yet making money online (which is literally everyone). Go ahead, click the link above and join my professional webmaster training course, it will only do you good.

Do it now, then continue after you have signed up.

Creating static HTML websites and pages.

By far, the most highly secure websites online are static HTML web pages. Static HTML websites do not have any “moving parts” therefore they are literally “built in brick and mortar” and VERY HARD TO HACK.

Why is this important?

Well, because you do not want to be constantly worrying about your site being hacked, month after month, day after day, year after year. It just gets annoying. Plus there is all the time you waste working out how to reverse hacks that ruin your site and the time you waste implementing those rectifications can amount to a lot of time wasted for no good reason.

This is why commonly business service websites are all creating in “static HTML coding”.

Inside my webmaster training course, I feature I think “TASK 2” which teaches you how to create your first website. It is a two-hour-long video and features training focused on static HTML only.

If you want to watch this video or jump on my webmaster training list, then click the link below.


Creating a Joomla (CMS) website, full training.

I created a “Joomla CMS” (Content Management System) website training video that teaches you how to create your first Joomla based website.

There are two videos totaling five hours worth of free training.

In video one I teach you about the back-end and the front-end of a Joomla website and how to install extensions.

In video two I focus more on professionally teaching you how to track down and target high traffic, low competition keywords for your content.

Joomla is a magnificent cms, basically you can install almost anything on your website for free.

  • Video conferencing.
  • sms alerts.
  • community builders for new members
  • shoutboxes
  • forums
  • blogs
  • photo galleries
  • contact forms
  • video repositories
  • and so much more.

A Joomla website in simple terms means “having nearly every website known to man-kind under the one roof“.

Furthermore, if you dis-allow user registration on your website, then your Joomla installation is pretty much 100% secure as well. Just know that the more extensions you install to your Joomla installation, the more vulnerabilities you are exposing for hackers to exploit.

If you want to watch that five hours worth of Joomla training, join the link below and wait for “TASK 5” which will come in around 2 months of signing up.


My conclusion on earning money home online:

There are literally thousands of ways to earn money from home online through the internet, luckily for you, all the best methods are listed in my free webmaster training course that you should have already signed up to by now.

To make money online is to elevate oneself in to a “GOD-LIKE SUPREME BEING OF IMPENDING SUCCESS AND WISDOM“.

A professional webmaster is someone who has fully studied their niche/s and is now an expert on that part of society.

Having real-life human beings come to your website and engage in your relevant content sets you apart from other individuals. You are in a sense “herding your sheep” and teaching them to do whatever you want (the humans visiting your website being the “sheep” and you being the “WOLF“).

The beauty of owning a website portfolio is that once you set-up your web presence. If you set up your websites correctly, everything is fully automated and never needs to be attended to or “worked on” by yourself ever again.

Once a website starts earning money online, you never have to work on it from home again. You can literally leave that website, working for you online 24/7 and generating income while you sleep, while you eat and while you work your day job/s.

After a few years if you work hard at it, you will be able to quit your day job/s and retire off the income your website/s are earning for you.

That is why I favor earning money home online more than anything else in this wonderful world.

This is what I do for a living and I have been doing it for 20+ years.

If you want to follow my path and retire from your day job, then sign-up with the link below and let’s get you started.



As always, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below. Also, please share the “LOVE” and click a few social media buttons for me, cheers.



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Make Money Free Online Today

Make money free online today with General AskiKa of the Global Governing Body Of Professional Webmaster Association.

Making money online doesn’t have to be hard, trust me, I am a professional career 20+ year webmaster who earns money online for free all day long.

I have since set up multiple companies globally and I am here today wasting my time because I want to try to teach you how to earn money online.

What’s in it for me? Simple, once you start earning money through my training I request that you donate 5% for life from all of my training once you start earning money through it.

I do not want money from your day job/s I just want you to donate what is fair after you start earning money online for free from my training.

Make Money Free Online Today

It goes without saying that in order to make money online you have to go through a massive learning curve and blood, sweat and tears (or does it?).

Today I am going to prove this saying wrong, I am going to teach you how to easily start earning over $50 USD per week with in 3 weeks from today.

Your first step will be to join my free webmaster training course and the next step will be to implement my training to good effect and actually achieve results for once in your miserable old pathetic “f-ing” lifestyle (hehe).

So let’s get started and not waste time sitting on our morals. Below you will see the sign-up link to sign-up to my training course, click this link without thinking and join the course before you click-off this page and lose the opportunity of a lifetime forever.


Some easy methods to make money free online:

One easy method to make money for free online is to join a company that I “name-drop” in my webmaster training course (TASK 3) and claim your 2 free WordPress websites (for life).

You can then market these websites organically (for free) and receive big profits from them. Everything is explained inside my webmaster training course and even novices can find the information fun and easy to follow.

Another free method to make money online is by evaluating other peoples websites for a living, its free to sign up and if you do 3 evaluations per hour you can earn around $30 – $60 USD per hour. Meaning you may be paid more than a manager (for example).

Throughout the training I back up my claims with proof videos of other you tubers who have posted videos backing up my claims.

Other methods to make money free online in today’s day and age would include “sniping” google for people looking to hire others at their residence then phoning companies up and outsourcing the work for profit, but you would need to already have your business number to legally do this.

Some other easy methods of earning money online today (on a minor level) may include filling out paid surveys to cash in your bucks today and earn some lower level funds.

Other ways of earning good cash online may consist of buying $1 domain names and reselling them on “flippa” for example for $50 USD a pop. But that’s a bit intricate, you will have to sign-up to my training to learn about that one.


Paid methods to earn money online.

Believe it or not you can actually set up a highly profitable company presence online for outsourcing work to people on the ground for under $800. This method is highly effective and can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits per year (if not MILLIONS). This methodology is taught in a 10-hour long video quoted in “TASK 2” of my training course. Correct, the video is ten hours long and as comprehensive as a mother F@cker 🙂

If you are serious about earning really good revenue through the internet, then congratu-fukin-lations, because you have found the right guy to get you “WHERE YOU WANT TO BE“.

Simply register on my website for free training and tell me why I should make you rich and I will decide if I should let you in to my 100% free webmaster training course or whether I should boycott you in case you’re a psycho and such 🙂

If you’re not a PSYCHO, feel free to register on my friendly neighborhood “spider-man” link below:


Advanced methods to earn money online (not free).

Advanced methods to earn revenue online generally consist of paying for websites and marketing those websites to generate income through their content.

Two of the best most secure websites are:

  1. Joomla websites that deny user registration and limit their extensions.
  2. Static HTML websites for business services and such.

These types of websites generally out-rank WordPress and content management system (CMS) based websites in the search engines. Both of which I teach you how to market and create successfully in my webmaster training course (listed below).

If you are in the market to bolster your portfolio of profit making website assets, then implementing static HTML and Joomla websites will alleviate risk and allow you to sleep tight at night without worrying about when the next time your website will be hacked.

If you want to learn about Joomla and Static HTML websites, then I highly recommend joining my webmaster training course below.



There are only so many things that I can detail here and tell you to do but if you do not take action and join my course then there is nothing further I can say or do to change your mind. We all have choices to make in this lifetime, change your life for the better and join my professional webmaster course today before the opportunity closes to you forever. I can only take on so many new students and mentor them at once.

Let me also notify you that right now as at 2019 I have over 100 students currently training beneath myself. The strain on my body and soul is taking its toll and I am considering throwing the towel in and not helping anyone else, so I’d genuinely be doing you a favor by informing you that you should grasp this opportunity right now and sign up before I decide to stop taking on more clients.

Remember that all of these people are donating 5% to me and I’m already more than satisfied with the income I am currently generating.

It’s only a matter of time before I close the doors for good and you will lose the ability to ever be trained by such an industry professional as myself.

I own an SEO agency for F@ck sake… I’m not your average webmaster, when I say I am a professional it means exactly that, that I am… I simply am…

And on that note ladies and gentlemen, I bid you a due.

As always, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to post them below and always share the love by contributing with my social media buttons below.

Thanking you kindly,

David Kellas. (The “Ass Kicker” – General “AskiKa”)

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Free Ways Make Money Fast Online: Free Training.

Free ways to make money fast online are very hard to come by. Luckily today you have found me. A career 20+ year professional webmaster.

Hello everyone, my name is David Kellas. I live in Victoria, Australia which is toward the bottom right of Australia. In my time as a professional webmaster I have been a super affiliate. I have “flipped” (sold) websites for a living, I have marketed websites organically (for free) to rank in the search engines and make money from and I have developed several business based websites and earnt money through outsourcing work to “service agents” (plumbers, electricians, etc) on the ground.

I am also a professional bing ads, yahoo, Google Adwords and Facebook marketing guru with 20+ years experience in PPC/SEM (Pay Per Click & Search Engine Marketing).

Today I am going to teach you free ways to make money fast online read on.

How to make money fast online.

There are many free ways to make money fast online. You just have to have enough time to implement these methods and “go with the flow” until you start earning some good money. You then want to quickly transition in to “paid marketing” online and this will boost your profits exponentially.

  • Some methods of earning good money online include joining free website hosts such as wealthy affiliate and hosting free websites with them, you can then develop quality content on your websites that ranks in the search engines and makes you money. Normally you would monetize your website through “affiliation” which is also taught at “Wealthy Affiliate”.
  • Another method is to do “website evaluations”, most of these services are free to join and pay you around $10 USD per 10 to 20 minutes of your time. Basically you elaborate on websites that they send you to and tell them what you do and do not like about those websites. It’s really easy work and if you do three website evaluations per hour that’s a cool “mid-range” wage of $30 USD per hour. You will need a microphone connected to your personal computer to engage in website evaluations.
  • Another method to make money for free is called “twitter and Facebook sniping”, basically you program some “code” in to google and google automatically tells you if people are looking to “hire services”. You then phone companies (you will need a business number for this) and ask these services if they can service those jobs. Once you find a service, contact the potential customer via Facebook or twitter and inform them you have found someone willing to do the work. The company will pay you an agreed percentage of the profits after they complete the job. You will need to set-up a standard sub-contract agreement to give to potential businesses to legalize this method.
  • Another method to make money fast online is by using services such as “traffup”, traffup allows you to engage in interacting with the website and in exchange you receive real human visitors to your website. Instead of putting in your own website (even if you don’t have one), you can sign-up to services such as “clickbank” and grab “affiliate hop links” that pay you money every time someone clicks them and buys a product. Insert your “hop link” in to traffup as your “website” and watch the money flow in.
  • Another method that actually costs money is VERY PROFITABLE. I have included it here because it is VERY CHEAP to get started. You can buy domain names for as little as $1 and resell them on “flippa” for $50+ a pop. Literally every domain sold on flippa goes for a minimum of $50 USD. Buy domain names that “make sense” and domains with as little characters as possible, the shorter the domain name, the better.
  • More free ways to make money fast online include “grey hat and black hat” methods but I will not be going in to them on this blog as they are either “questionable or illegal” and I refuse to teach you to do things that can get you i to trouble.
  • Another free method to make money online which is not so fast is to stream video games and play them all day long. Websites such as “Twitch TV” have literally MILLIONS of viewers online at the same time and if you stream for long enough you’re bound to get some followers.

I have set-up some training videos to teach you most of the methods listed above, these videos form my “professional webmaster video training course” as listed below. The training course is 100% free to join and never costs you a penny. You can join this course here:


Paid methods to earn money online with a low price point.

Ever wanted to develop your own company? Well it may be cheaper than you first though, try this on for size:

  1. Buy a business number, $400.
  2. Buy a website domain and hosting $36.
  3. Buy a security certificate for your website, $19.
  4. Buy a professional website template, $100.
  5. Advertise your website for the first week, $200.
  6. Design a sub-contractual agreement to outsource work to companies legally, “FREE“, track one down online, copy it, then edit it, ensure it is 100% unique and re-written, do not copy and paste.

So as you can see, it is actually relatively cheap to set up a business service website such as plumbing, antenna repair, glass repair, lawyers, lawn mowing, landscaping, etc.

All you need to do is:

  • Create the website.
  • Advertise and acquire leads to your website.
  • Get them to call a phone number (yours) to acquire customer information.
  • Call your service agents, give them the information (Name, phone number, area, details of issue).
  • Your service agent will call the customer back, quote them and go out and do the job.
  • Your service agent will then pay you around 35%+ of the actual profits after the job is paid by the customer.

It’s really that simple guys, you can literally get started for under $800.

I can literally turn $800 in to $25,000 per year for the first year and $50,000 to $500,000+ in the second year and beyond.

Would you spend eight hundred dollars to generate over $500,000 per year in the second year? DAMN SURE I WOULD!

If you are interested in making ACTUAL HUGE INCOME ONLINE then you really need to sign-up to my training course below and focus on “TASK 2” which directs you to watch 12 hours worth of video training. This training has the capacity to CHANGE YOUR LIFE if you take the time to study it properly and TAKE IT SERIOUSLY (which is something that most new webmasters fail to do).

Enough talk, sign-up already and let’s get the “BALL ROLLING“.


Using WordPress or Joomla to generate income online.

Free ways to make money online fast with Joomla and WordPress include finding low competition, high traffic keywords to advertise to on the search engines for free. We primarily focus on Google because Google has 85% of the search engine market share, meaning 85% or almost all of the search traffic originates from Google.

I will go one step further and tell you that if you join my professional webmaster video training course (below). In “TASK 3” I will teach you how to become a super affiliate with WordPress websites and you will gain the ability to qualify for 2 free WordPress websites for life as a starter member of one of the companies mentioned in task 3.

I also teach you professionally (in “TASK 3“) how to organically (or “for free”) rank in the search engines for little known “GOLDEN” keywords that provide high traffic for little effort.

In total there are several tasks and the training course lasts for several months. Everything is provided for free however once you start earning money through my methods (that are already proven working by hundreds of previous apprentices) I request that you donate 5% for life to me. That’s $5 for every $100 you make, you pocket $95 and donate $5 to me each time. A fair trade off for the professional training I am providing for you.

If you’re game to jump right into the training, know that “TASK 1” will have you earning $50+ p[er week with in 3 weeks from today. I spread the training out over multiple weeks as not to overload you with information, you’ll be lucky if you receive 1 email from me every week, so I DO NOT SPAM you at all.


Other methods to make money online for free:

Surfing webmaster training forums can be highly beneficial in your progression to elevating yourself to earn considerable revenue online.

during my professional webmaster training course I fully detail several websites you should be a part of in order to make money online. Ranging from “freelance” websites where you can sell yourself on a daily basis to generate thousands of dollars online (for free by the way) to webmaster forums that you passively earn money online by gaining beneficial webmaster knowledge which ultimately has you earning more income online.

I would highly recommend that you join my webmaster training course and let’s stop wasting time here, I’ve dropped the link several time already and by now it’s getting “OLD“. So join up already and experience financial freedom just like I’ve taught the several hundred before you.



If you sign-up to my professional webmaster training course your success is virtually guaranteed. No-one will ever teach you as comprehensively or professionally as I can. Please remember that I have over twenty years of experience as a professional (MONEY EARNNG) webmaster on the internet and you are in “NO BETTER HANDS” than that of my own.

Consider me your GOD and you my DISCIPLE shall learn underneath me and become a more fruitful, richer, more well-groomed version two point zero of me. You shall make double the money that I ever could because you are two times smarter than I am and you will donate that glorious 5% to me for life as my pal, my buddy, my soul mate, my wine to thy whiskey, my oar to thy boat, my supple to thy teet, my knife to thy carving and so forth, etcetera, etcetera.

As always, if you guys have any questions or have a need to comment on this article please feel free to submit your requests below.

Also, please feel free to social media market my website with the social media buttons listed below, as always, thanks for your time.

Without Prejudice,

David Kellas.

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Ways Make Money Fast Online Free: Best Methods.

Ways to make money fast online for free are very hard for novice webmasters (that means you).

Some new webmasters spend many years online looking for easy ways to make money online for free.

Do not worry, I am here today to tell you that you have found what you are looking for.

I “General AskiKa” of the Global Governing Body of Professional Webmasters Association will (today) teach you how to make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year all while starting up for 100% free.

You will not have to spend one cent of your own money to learn how to make money fast online for free.

Topic 1: Getting started earning money online for free.

Okay so today I am going to teach you through videos how to earn good cash online.

Within 3 weeks from today you should be earning a minimum of $50 to $250 per week for free without putting any money down to get started.

If you follow my instructions below and focus on the ways to make money fast online for free that I each you then you can not fail and you will SUCCEED.


Topic 2: A Bit Of Information About Me.

You want to ensure that anyone who teaches you ways to make money fast online for free is a professional webmaster with a lot of experience in actually earning good revenue online before you believe what they are teaching you and go a stray.

My name is David Kellas and I am a career 20+ year professional webmaster. I have multiple companies in Victoria, Australia and I also have one global company which is an SEO agency that teaches people search engine optimization and markets their business based websites in the search engines for both paid and organic (or “FREE”) traffic generation.

So rest assured, you are in “GOOD HANDS” when you learn from me.

Topic 3: Why Make Money Fast Online For Free?

Well there are many reasons why you want to make money online, really fast for free.

The main reason is that you are poor or live in poverty and are looking to increase your revenue to lead a better lifestyle.

Other reasons include, being able to pay the bills, being able to afford things for your family and relatives and being able to do the things you want to in this lifetime before your fire is extinguished.

The main point I need to make here is that nothing comes “EASY“, well not until you meet me. You see I have blueprinted the easiest methods to make money online for free from home and designed a quality 5-month course with “tasks” that each teach you ways to make money fast online for free.

Basically in my 5-month course, I send you tasks every few weeks detailing new methods to earn money online from the comfort of your own home. It doesn’t matter where you live. If you live in the most impoverished country on EARTH, it still doesn’t matter. I will still teach you how to become rich.

So long as you have access to an internet connection and a computer. I can make anyone able to make money fast online for free. You just need to “GIVE A DAMN” about yourself and about me.


Topic 4: “Why Give A Damn?”

Let me explain myself.

  1. You need to “GIVE A DAMN” about yourself. You need to work hard for the first several months to get that free online passive income rolling over so you start to generate funds.
  2. You also need to take my VIDEO TRAINING VERY SERIOUSLY in order to succeed online and make money for free.
  3. You also need to “GIVE A DAMN” about me. Life is not always “about you”. The world does not just revolve around your “SORRY ASS“. We all need to “GIVE A SHIT” about each other and that is how the world will ultimately achieve world peace and be in one with each other.
  4. That is why I request you donate 5% of your earnings for life to me in exchange for my professional video training courses which earn you income online for free. Because it’s not just about you. I also need to gain something out of our little exchange (right here).

So as you can see, what I am offering you does not come without a price, this is the deal.


(I do not want 5% from your pre-existing day job/s, just a fair 5% for life from my training that makes you rich, that is fair, it’s not a high price to pay to quit your day job/s and eventually become stinking filthy rich, just don’t forget my 5%, that is what is in it for me, it goes 2 ways, I teach you, you donate to me, simple, fair, moralistic and ethical and just right).



If you want to learn ways to make money online fast for free, then sign-up to my professional webmaster video training course below and I promise you that you will be earning a minimum of $50 USD within 3 weeks from today (weekly) without laying out a single penny of your own cash to start up.

I also promise you that if you live in some weird third world country that for some reason doesn’t allow you to engage in “TASK 1“, then you will have to wait until “TASK 3” in a few weeks time to start earning your money.

If you are ready to “TAKE THE PLUNGE” and dive right in to the “DEEP END“, then let’s commence shall we?



Please note: You will have to sign-up with your real “international phone number” so I can call you directly to verify you are a real human and have a conversation with you about making money online. I also am very busy lately so don’t be surprised if I call you several months in to your training, but don’t worry I WILL call you. Also, make sure your email address is your BEST email address because you will really want the emails from my training course as a priority and you will have to take them seriously like it is LIFE OR DEATH. Because it literally IS life or death. If you take my training seriously you WILL succeed in becoming financially free of all economical constraints and you will realize your dream of being a wealthy internet “BARON“.

As always, if you have any comments or wish to ask me a question, feel free to leave them below and please help this website gain exposure by utilizing the “social media buttons” underneath this text.

Thank you so much,

David Kellas (Professional Webmaster, a “FRIEND” and human-being “WALKING THIS EARTH” just like you).

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Earn Money Home Online – Full Training Provided.

Earning money from home online is very easy if you have the right help.

I am a career 20+ year professional webmaster. I have been earning money online from home for the past 20+ years of my life. With me on your side, holding your hand as you learn how to make money online. It will be very easy for you to avoid the pitfalls that many new “webmasters” fall into when they first start learning how to make money online. A webmaster is someone who earns money online.

Commonly at the bottom of most websites on the internet, there are “Webmaster” or “Affiliate” links that a webmaster can click on to work with those website companies to make money from them. An “Affiliate” program is something that you use to send traffic (or humans) to through “links” with tracking code inserted in themselves. The tracking code tracks sales of merchandise and services to your particular “Affiliate link” and in turn, you get paid every time someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link.

By utilising other peoples’ businesses, we can leverage the internet to make a percentage of those companies our own. Good affiliate programs pay-out for 75% of all company profits. The company itself pockets 25% of the profits and you receive a cool 75% of the profits.

Essentially making 75% of that company your own, without having to do any of the “HEAVY LIFTING” or worry about the “CUSTOMER SUPPORT” side of things (which is all managed internally through the company).


Another very lucrative method to make money online from home is to build a website and advertise that website for free in the search engines. Building a website is actually a lot easier and more fun than you are thinking right now. I have created several videos of how to create different types of websites and below I will mention a link for you to click to watch all of these videos.

When you create a website, you can target “keywords” that people use to search for things in the search engines (such as Google, Yahoo or Bing).

A good keyword to go after and write an article on your website is a keyword with low competition and high traffic (website visitors) per month.

Below I will give you a link that introduces you to a company that has 1.5 million users (for good reason) who are all there for one thing only; “To help you succeed online and teach you how to target these keywords on your website”.

There are many different types of websites online.

By far the best types of websites to build are:

  • WordPress Websites (Most used content management system online).
  • Joomla Websites (Highly secure if you dis-allow user registration on your website, Ranks extremely well in the search rankings).
  • Static HTML Custom Websites (Commonly used for business service websites, Ranks extremely well and is almost 100% secure from hacking).

Below I will drop a link you can click on to take part in my “Email New Webmaster Video Training Courses” which covers all three of these types of websites comprehensively.

In fact, the “WordPress” training actually directs you to a website that is “THRIVING” with millions of users and has the worlds’ best WordPress and organic (free) traffic generation training online. So you will not only learn how to professionally create a WordPress website, but you will also learn how to monetise that website and drive organic (free) traffic (Human Visitors) to that website as well.


Another great “best of breed” method to make money online is by developing a “company website”, normally for a “business service” such as Plumbing, Antenna Repair, TV Repair, Lawn Mowing and Landscaping, A Law Firm (Lawyer Hire), Glass Replacement Services, etc. By creating a business service website we can get away with paying only $36USD per year for hosting and $19USD for an “SSL” (Security Certificate) for our website. So that’s the hosting and security out of the way.

Then the actual website template will be picked up for around $150USD and we can then edit our website and place content on its pages until we are satisfied with the way it looks. We then upload the website to our “server” (Don’t worry I will teach you all of this in the training videos, it’s REALLY EASY)!

Then we will need to contact actual “Lawyers, Plumbers, Landscapers, TV or Antenna Repair Electricians or Technicians or Glass Repair Specialists” in our home state. We will then need them to sign a “Sub-Contractual” agreement to legalise our right to outsource work to them. Normally we receive 35%+ of the profits for each job they complete.

Your job will be to sit at home and ask customers these questions:

  1. Name
  2. Phone Number/s
  3. Address
  4. Suburb
  5. Issue or “Job Type”
  6. Any special circumstances
  7. When they want the job to commence (is the job urgent or not?).

After you have gathered these details, inform the customer you need to contact your “Lawyer, Plumber, etc” and they will call the customer back with in 5 minutes to quote them over the phone.

That’s it, people! It’s literally that easy! If you use a mobile phone to answer phone calls for your business service website you never have to give your real address on your website. You can hire out a “virtual address” from “Servcorp” for example for around $150 per month. Keeping in mind that you should be earning around $500+ profit per week (in the very start of your business), $150 per month to keep your residential address private is a MUST. I personally do not care if customers know my home address and I have placed it on some of my own business service websites as the “call centre address”.

That’s about it people, simply outsource work to your service agents, save up cash, once you have enough cash to start up your own company on the ground and hire staff members for yourself. Then stop outsourcing work and pocket 100% of the profits instead of 35% and you’re instantly RICH. STINKING FILTHY RICH!

How’s that for earning money from home online!

Below I will drop a link that you can click on to sign-up to my professional webmaster email video training course which will also teach you how to develop a professional company website and how to professionally market that website for free and through paid channels as well (primarily focussing on “Google Adwords”). The video is a VERY LONG 10 HOUR VIDEO, it’s information contained within is NOT TO BE UNDERESTIMATED there is literally hundreds of things that are taught in the video and if you follow it EXACTLY you will become rich.


As I previously stated, I am a career 20+ year professional webmaster. What I did not mention is that I am also a “multiple company owner”. I own an SEO Agency a plumbing company, an antenna repair company, a restaurant and a landscaping company amongst others. It’s all about diversification and not having all your eggs in the one basket.

Throughout my 20+ years of experience making money from home online. I have engaged in “Super Affiliate” activity, making thousands through affiliation. I have risen many of my pages (on my websites) to the #1 ranking of Google and they have stayed there for several years at a time (and I am not talking crappy keywords either, I am talking VERY LUCRATIVE keywords at that!).

I am also a professional Black Hat (illegal), Grey Hat (less ethical) and White Hat (100% Ethical) webmaster. I only practice WHITE HAT techniques, however “I know them all”.

Believe me when I say I have “BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT“.

If you stick with me and “CLING” to my training, you are virtually guaranteed to succeed online.



The deal is this people…

“I teach you how to make money online for free and in exchange, you guys pay me 5% of your earnings for life. Not the money from your pre-existing day-job/s, just the money you generate through my training. I believe this is a fair trade off and 5% is literally nothing, especially if I am teaching you to earn thousands (or more) per week”.

My aim is to teach 1,000 of you how to make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from home (online) and if I achieve this task then let’s do the mathematics.

1,000 multiplied by 5% = 5,000% which means it is approximately 50 times more income than I could ever make in my lifetime.

See where I am headed with this? The more of you that I teach how to make good money from home online, the more money that I make because all of you continuously donate 5% to me for life.

At the end of the day, we will all become good friends and I will pay to have the top donators come over to my paradise house in Australia for a very nice holiday every few years.

That’s my aim people. To help all of you out to make the most amount of money possible from home on the internet and in exchange, all of you donate a measly 5% to me for life (feel free to donate more if you like, I think 5% is very low).


Okay everyone here is the FUN part. It is now time for you to TAKE ACTION and “Opt-In” to my free webmaster video training course.

The course currently lasts for around 3 months, but I am working on it daily and plan on expanding the course to six months by the end of the year.

Don’t worry, you will receive updates as they occur (automatically).

Your first step (and your BEST step) is to sign-up to my free webmaster video training course at the URL (Website Address “link”) below:


After you register and click on “Make Money Now” and I will “wet your appetite” with “TASK 1” which will effectively have you earning $50 – $250 per week within 3 weeks from today at home over the internet.

TASK 2 will teach you how to create a business service static HTML website and introduce you to the 10-hour long video teaching you all things you need to know how to set up a company website and advertise it effectively.

There are an additional 3 tasks currently. So five tasks in total however by the time you read this there should be even more tasks and more opportunities for you to learn and reinforce your skills of how to earn money from home over the internet (online).

If you have not done so already, scroll back up the page a little bit to the “LINK” and sign-up for my free webmaster training right now before you click off this page and lose the opportunity of a lifetime forever.

I literally am only asking for 5% for life and in exchange, I am teaching you how to literally earn MILLIONS OF DOLLARS PER YEAR through the internet from home online.


Just know that 90% of all humans are SCEPTICAL of people who try and help them. Especially online where there are so many scams going around in the “Make Money Online” niche. I can fully understand how you may be cautious of whom you give your information to.

So if you are PARANOID about working with me (which is a mental disorder by the way).

Then you are already setting yourself up to FAIL.

You need to take my training SERIOUSLY and if you do this, then good things will happen to you and you WILL GET RICH.

You can achieve BIG THINGS if you just set your “mind, body and soul” to implement them.

Perhaps you should come on to discord and voice chat with me for free online (if you have a microphone) and get to know me before you sign-up.

Here are my discord details:

Click this link to go to my personal discord server and look for a user named;

Nickname: “David Kellas (“:

Also, if you have not already downloaded the windows based version of Discord, install it here:

I am online normally at home from around 9 AM to 12 Midnight most days and on discord for most of that time, my timezone is +10 AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

Try and catch me then if you want to chat, go to the room “new webmasters” and wait there for me to come to you, if I don’t come in 1 minute, try and right-click my nickname and message me to come or just join the room that I am in and inform me you are a newer webmaster looking to make money online and we’ll chat.

People (that means you), I am trying to provide the internets BEST online (in-home) service for a newer webmaster to learn how to make money online. All I am asking for in return is a measly 5%.




And on that note, I am going to finish this blog post.

I request that if any of you have any questions or comments you want to share with the community that you leave them below in the comment form provided. Thank-you and I genuinely hope to see you again in my program for new webmaster training (as quoted above).

Just to let you all know, this is only the “tip of the iceberg”, there are literally THOUSANDS of viable methods to earn good revenue from home online. In the coming months, I will be “quality loading” this blog with many of those methods so keep checking back here month to month to see what’s new, cheers.

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